fluffy pancakes

Pancakes are always a good idea, especially in the winter and on sundays. When it’s getting colder, I prefer to have a warm breakfast, like oatmeal. Well, this is a very easy, warm and delicious recipe. These fluffy pancakes are thick, light and more delicious with some great music on the side. Enjoy with the hot and chill remix from The Buried King. 

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raspberry pancakes

For this Sunday I have a delicious pancake recipe, perfect as breakfast or dessert. Oat-pancakes with banana and raspberries. You don’t need to add any honey or other sweets, because the pancake itself has a natural sweetness from the raspberries. I like this flavour a lot! The track from @freiboitar is a great match for this fun  raspberry pancakes recipe. A stunning fresh tune! This track is one of his newest tracks from his ‘Rules EP’ released at@nobrainerrecords. Awesome EP! Continue reading “raspberry pancakes”

raspberry mugcake

When it’s cold outside, I like to have a warm breakfast. So this time a raspberry mugcake! The raspberries in the mugcake give a sweet touch, that’s delicious and pink!! Together with this happy feelings remix from Soulmagic is my breakfast complete! The track is released at @deeptownmusic and it’s HOT! Love this rolling groovy bassline so much! Continue reading “raspberry mugcake”