kale muesli pancakes

Yes, a new great product from @meesters_van_de_halm! I got it as a present on ‘National Kaleday’, luckily I like kale haha! I immediatly jumped into the kitchen and made some killer pancakes. Delicious and green Kale muesli pancakes. They are chewy, fluffy,  kale-ish and not too sweet, great balance. 
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Steel cut oats pokébowl

We all know oats, mostly used are rolled oats for baking and oatmeal. Did you know about steel cut oats? Meesters van de Halm has sent me ‘Havergrutten’ or in english ‘steel cut oats’. I’d never heard of it before.. Steelcut oats aren’t crushed like normal oats. That means that the grain maintains its structure, taste and bite. You can replace it for normal rice. Steel cut oats are in my opinion more flavorful than normal rice and healthier! I made a steel cut oats pokébowl and it’s delicious!! 
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