parmegiano di melanzana

Parmegiano di Melanzana is a delicious Italian oven dish with eggplant, tomatoes and lots of cheese! A flavorful vegetarian dish and it’s actually very easy! In about 30 minutes you have a fantastic dish on the table. Eat it with flatbread, foccacia, gnocci, spaghetti, ravioli or pasta! I’m sure thats all gonna be fantastic. Top it of with some more parmegiano, the more cheese, the better right.   Continue reading “parmegiano di melanzana”

beet risotto

I love to make Italian food with a twist. I often make beet risotto with feta, but this one is next level! I found this recipe and it was so good, I need to share it with you. I combined this hot recipe with a groovy track released by Glitterbox. These are the beats from Ralphi Rosario with Linda Clifford ‘Wanna Give It Up’ (Dr Packer’s Lego’s Dub Remix)
I like to call it Ralphi Rosario’s Risotto  😉

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penne brusselsprouts and chorizo

Penne with brusselsprouts and chorizo, never thought this combination would be a winner! I’ve read this recipe in @jamieoliver magazine. Well, I love it. Very quick, simple and different! Off course I combined the two things I love, food & music. Together with this recipe I’ve chosen a lovely remix @studioheist on King Street Sounds ‘Nite grooves”. What a bassline and groove! Love this remix guys. It’s a hot one! Eat, listen and enjoy! Continue reading “penne brusselsprouts and chorizo”

pasta pesto

Pasta pesto with an awesome track from @djbasroos and is released on @exploitedrec, I love this track! It’s deep, funky and groovy! It gives me a jazzy disco vibe! Hereby a chill pasta recipe. Penne pesto with chicken, bell pepper, tomatoes. Roasted pine nuts, arugula and parmegiano. Off course a homemade pesto. Buon Appetito, Ciao! Continue reading “pasta pesto”