beet risotto

I love to make Italian food with a twist. I often make beet risotto with feta, but this one is next level! I found this recipe and it was so good, I need to share it with you. I combined this hot recipe with a groovy track released by Glitterbox. These are the beats from Ralphi Rosario with Linda Clifford ‘Wanna Give It Up’ (Dr Packer’s Lego’s Dub Remix)
I like to call it Ralphi Rosario’s Risotto  😉

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chickpeas-tumeric pancake

Give yourself a break and make a pancake! Lunch, dinner or breakfast a pancake fits in every moment. Boost your energy level with this combination of food and music! This funky track and recipe won’t let you down. This chickpeas tumeric pancake is delicious!! DJ Mes made this real house track, it’s released at@moodfunkrecords ! Grooves in tha house! Continue reading “chickpeas-tumeric pancake”

flatbread pizza

PIZZAAAH! I believe this is a great match: Iban Montoro & @jazzman_wax and my homemade flatbread pizza! Their new track is released at @exploitedrec and it is HOT! 🔥 Great groovy beat, lovely piano and awesome vocals! Love it! I topped my flatbread with grilled eggplant, salt, pepper, feta cheese. Last but not least, a drizzle spicy, garlic olive oil. YAAAS!  Continue reading “flatbread pizza”