5 Most Relaxing Tracks Of The Week

Foodmelodies loves music, so this week 5 new favorite tracks. Focussed on a relaxing friday, tracks for during dinner, or evening. I had a tough week, so I can use some Deep House music. Check this out and relax. Have a great day and a fantasic weekend! 

Next up a track from Modèst, formerly known as, 1 of the DJ’s, from House Soldiers. He decided to move foward as Modèst. His new start gave us amazing tracks. I love his ‘reset’ track! A banger bassline groover, cool vocals and a free download!! Reset is one of his tracks in his EP, which you can listen and download on soundcloud.

Next up a track from Large Music, produced by Chris Stussy. His track ‘Soul Patrol’ has an awesome groove and cool vocal. Very relaxing!

Now a track I couldn’t find on soundcloud.. A jazzy sound from
 DJ Simi on Jump Recordings. Chill tune for a relaxing dinner or evening. Really nice vocal, I love it! 

Again Large Music, but now with Sebb Junior. This track is really get my luv! Those electric grooves gives it a relaxing vibe. Beautifull classical tunes. It’s a hot one! 

The last one is from Bernadette Trax with really beautiful vocals from Anna Glahn. A lovely tune with a magical voice. An wonderful Deep House track! Relaxation for sure. 

I hope you’ll like it! My relax modus is on. Ciao


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