Top 5 deep house tracks

This week I made a selection of some delicious new deep house tracks! I booked my summer holiday, so the urge to go to the beach and feel the sun is rising. These 5 tracks bring my mind to a warm country, lying on a inflatable bed floating on sea.  Recognise this feeling? Get ready for some dreamy deep house tunes. 

First one is from Leon Revol released at Secret Reels Label. An beautiful laid back, dreamy deep house tune. Great sound and cool vocal. Very dope deep house track with a nice flow in it! 

Next up J Mills released at Salted Music. A feelgood grooving deep house tune. The track is called ”Sauna”, and hell yeah it’s hot! I want to hear this track on the beach!!

Then a new release on Heist Recordings from Alma Negra. A jazzy deep house track with an African touch. Hot stufff!

Scott Diaz is next with is new track called ”Mistreated” released by Grand Plans. Soulfull track full of jazzy melodies and a great bumping beat. It’s classy, it’s dope, fantastic deep house track. Great vibe!

Last but not least.. Mood Funks tribute to the original song ”Se Penso A Te” from Franco Bracardi. This Italian tune brings you to a lovely place, somewhere in Italie off course. I find it a masterpiece, so smooth, groovy and somehow hypnotic. Lucky me it’s a free download 😉

That’s it! You can find all the tracks on Foodmelodies Soundcloud!

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