Finally another vegan restaurant in Utrecht!! It’s not just vegan food, but vegan fingerlicking good comfort food! SNCKBR has an 100% vegan or plant-based menu with the best ingredients. SNCKBR vegan makes unhealthy food healthy! I love this healthy cheating concept, let’s try out the food!

When you walk in, you see a very unique interior. Beautiful warm colours combined with a edgy, industrial design and walls. It’s very cool and trendy! I love the velvet fabric of the furniture. I always wanted to go to SNCKBR in Amsterdam, but vegan SNCKBR in Utrecht is even better haha!

Foodmelodies hotspot vegan SNCKBR

The vegan food experience

I sat on a high table in a corner and I could watch the kitchen making the vegan food. I was getting hungry seeing all those dishes passed by my table. A chef was slaughtering a massive jackfruit, which was impressive! Back at the menu, what should I eat, everything sounds delicious and healthy. Moderate in fat, free of refined sugars and artificial add-ons and where possible without gluten and carbohydrates. Every dish is free of bullshit, happy days! I was with a friend and off course we shared our dishes. Eventually, we chose Pumpkin-Sage pizza and Bao Bun Bastard. The dishes were so flavorfull. The pizza had a super light crust, which is also perfect for lunch! I loved the sweet pumpkin, crunchy walnuts and sage. I only did not like the little flowers on top, but nevermind, just put them aside! The Boa Bun dough was perfect, the ingredients inside were crunchy and soft/creamy with the eggplant. Did not feel like healthy cheating, but I did not try the ‘DOUBLE DUTCH Kapsalon’ or ‘SNCKBR Burger’. So that’s a reason to come back haha!

Foodmelodies hotspot vegan SNCKBR

Lovely ambiance, service and great, honest vegan food! I had a great day, you know good food is good mood!
Next time, dinner? Who’s coming with me? 

Foodmelodies hotspots Vegan SNCKBR
Do you want to eat more vegan food? Lately, I think more about the environment and the wild animals, because I traveled to Panamá and Costa Rica. I eat less meat and I actually don’t miss the meat. Vegan is next level, I just can’t give up cheese, love it too much.. If you want to try vegan food, check out vegan restaurants in Utrecht, like SNCKBR, GYS and THE VEGAN GORILLA. 

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