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Have you ever tried the vietnamese cuisine?  I think it’s  familiar to Thai food, but less spicy! On my restaurant list, high on top, is written ‘Saigon’. Last week I finally walked in and experienced real vietnamese dinner. 

I can remember my first springroll bite, all those fresh ingredients with a delicious hoi sin/saté sauce. Next up was Phô, vietnamese noodle soup. My brother travelled to Thailand and Vietnam, he brought me a Phô noodlesoup starter pack. There was a teabag inside with all the spices for the perfect Phô broth, which is so important. I really want to share the picture of the vietnamese Phô with beef.

Foodmelodies Vietnamese Phô
Foodmelodies Vietnamese Phô
The vietnamese food experience

The moment you walk in, you arrive in Vietnam. Furniture, employees and the lighting gives you an authentic vietnamese feeling. I thought,  this food is gonna be good. I looked around and saw plates full of deliciousness. The menucard was a lot, you do not now where to start reading.. But that has something nice about it. I was with two friends and we did not know what we should order, because we eat and like everything. I have always problem with making a choices in restaurants tho…  So we ordered the ‘Saigon Platter’, to make it easier for us. It was a suprise and a little food party on our table. 

We had shrimp springrolls (BÁHN HOI TÔM NU’ÓNG), spicy sweet sour soup (CAHN CHUA THIT BÒ), a fresh flavorful salad (GÒI GÀ), fried egggroll (CHÀ GIÒ) and a vietnamese filled pancake (BÁHN XÈO). Oh and we ordered extra chicken springrolls (BÁHN HOI GÀ NU’ÓNG). It was so, so delicious, and I totally love the saté-ish sauce what came with the springrolls.

Foodmelodies saigon vietnamese food

Main dish was very difficult to choose.. Noodle salad, noodle soup, baked noodles or a rice dish. It took a while, but shrimp cocos curry it is (TÔM XÀO LÃN). Fantastic choice, the shrimps were perfectly cooked. Curry was not too spicy, really flavorfull and the vegetables had still a bite. The rice was a little bit sticky, which I really like. I totally loved it and it was such a relax vibe in the restaurant. There was no place left for a desert, but I will be back! I recommend to make a reservation, because it was pretty full. 

Foodmelodies hotspots saigon vietnamese food

If you already love vietnamese food or you want to try it, check out Kimmade Vietnamese streetfood and AnAn Saigon too. Kimmade is my alltime favourite. It’s a very small street food restaurant, with delicious Bahm mí, bubble tea and springrolls, perfect for lunch and also for to go. AnAn means eat, eat in vietnamese and has serves street food a much bigger restaurant than Kimmade. I only need to check out the Kimmade restaurant. See below for links to both websites!  

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