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We all know oats, mostly used are rolled oats for baking and oatmeal. Did you know about steel cut oats? Meesters van de Halm has sent me ‘Havergrutten’ or in english ‘steel cut oats’. I’d never heard of it before.. Steelcut oats aren’t crushed like normal oats. That means that the grain maintains its structure, taste and bite. You can replace it for normal rice. Steel cut oats are in my opinion more flavorful than normal rice and healthier! I made a steel cut oats pokébowl and it’s delicious!! 

Meesters van de Halm (Masters of the Grain) is a honest & pure Dutch company. For instance, all their cereals are grown in the Netherlands by organic farmers.  They try to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible and only make high quality products. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly, like biodegradable plastics. Also important for me is that they don’t use palm oil! I’ve went to Costa Rica and Panamá, saw real wild life and fell even more in love with it. We need to preserve wild life, environment and the (rain)forest not destroy it. Well let’s start with the recipe! 

Ingredients (2 persons)

200 gr Steel Cut Oats (Havergrutten) Havergrutten
600 ml water
200 gr salmon
2 spring onions
1 mango
1/2 red hot chili pepper 😉
1/2 cumcumber
soja beans
black sesame seeds
soja sauce
wakame / samphire  
* sriracha sauce

The steelcut oats (Havergrutten) is a collaboration with ‘Havermoutje. Together they introduced this product on the Dutch market. At the end of this blog I added a link to Havermoutje’s blog, you can read and see more about steel cut oats and how you cook and use them. 
Foodmelodies oats poké bowl

► Steps

Cook the steel cut oats in 600 ml water for 15 minutes and stir frequently. During that time, cut al the ingredients. Bake the cooked steel cut oats in a pan with some sesame seeds for about 2-5 minutes. Than start your plating party. You can also make a sriracha-soja sauce for more spicyness! Very simple and you can vary endlessly. This poké bowl is with salmon, but you can also use tofu, tempeh, tuna, meat or chickpeas. 

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| WONDERFUL POKÉBOWL 🔊 | Pokébowl with steel cut oats (Havergrutten) from @meesters_van_de_halm combined with a truely wonderful @anderholmmusic. His track ‘Secrets’ is a beauty. Lovely warm melodic tunes. Released on ‘This Never Happened’ label from @lane8music. The perfect track for my pokébowl. His whole album is great tho! The recipe is now online at the website! If you want to listen to the full track, check out my spotify playlist ‘Melodies of the Week 2018’. ►►►► #hottrack #melodichouse #lane8 #anderholm #foodandmusic #musicblogger #foodblogger #chefslife #pokebowl #steelcutoats #havergrutten #meestersvandehalm #healthychoices #watetenwevandaag #traxsource #foodmelodies #foodexperience #culinaireinspiratie #gezondmetons #lekkereten #whatsfordinnertonight #realhousemusic #chefsofinstagram #homemadewithlove #cooklife #dutchfoodie #healthyfoodie #lightdish #experimentalcook #healthylifestyle

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Enjoy ♥

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