Matcha latte

Matcha powder is not only super popular, but also very healthy. Matcha is green tea powder, originally from Japan. It has many healthy benefits, but I think it’s just delicious. I often make matcha latte, I love the green color and taste. But you can use matcha in many recipes. In this post i’ll explain how you can make a matcha latte and matcha tea. 

Matcha latte is simply matcha powder, water en steamed milk. Super easy, but it takes a little bit longer to make. I think that is the fun, you create a little moment for yourself to relax. To make this matcha latte and enjoying it while drinking. Drinking matcha has many health benefits.

Healthy benefits

► Boost your metabolisme
► Rich in fibers, chlorophyl en vitamines
► Contribute in a better concentration and mood
► Helps prevent sickness
► Helps lowering cholesterol and bloodsugar levels
► Energyboost

Foodmelodies matcha powder

This is a nice, but not the most important, it is just delicious! Alongside a picture of the matcha powder i’ve bought at a Asian shop for 3,10 euro. I’m pleased with the taste!

Basis recipe matcha latte an tea

Cook water till 80 degrees celcius. Use 1 gram matcha powder, this is around 1 teaspoon matcha powder. Mix this with a eatspoon water, stir untill all the matcha powder is dissolved. Add 60 ml hot water (80 degrees) to your matcha mixture. Steam 70 ml milk and poor the matcha mixture in it. Voilaa, a beautiful light green drink. This recipe is similar to a cappuccino, if you want more the quantity of a latte than double the matcha powder and milk. Off course you can use more matcha if you want a stronger taste.

Matcha tea is quite the same, 1 gram matcha powder, stir well with a little bit of water. Add 80-100 ml water at 75-80 degrees celcius. The real matcha pro’s use a bamboo whisk to mix the matcha and create a foamy layer on the matcha. Below this blogpost I will add some links for some videos about how you make matcha latte/tea.

Foodmelodies matcha latte and cake
So this is my matcha latte with a delicious simple cake. Sometimes you need to pamper yourself! This fluffy cake is made with fresh cream instead of butter. It’s flavored with lemon and lime zest. Super fresh.

Enjoy ♥

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