kale muesli pancakes

Yes, a new great product from @meesters_van_de_halm! I got it as a present on ‘National Kaleday’, luckily I like kale haha! I immediatly jumped into the kitchen and made some killer pancakes. Delicious and green Kale muesli pancakes. They are chewy, fluffy,  kale-ish and not too sweet, great balance. 

I think this is a great, innovative seasonal product and environmentally friendly. It’s organic, contains little sugar, plastic free packaging and no palm oil. So again a great sustainable product. 

Ingredients (1 person/4 thick pancakes)

30 gr kale & apple muesli [Meesters van de Halm]
10 gr rolled oats

1 large egg
1 banana
1 ts baking powder
1 ts cinnamon
pinch of salt
cocos butter for baking

Meesters van de Halm Boerenkool muesli pancakes
Meesters van de Halm ‘Boerenkool & Appel muesli’ pancakes
► Steps

Grind the oats and kale & apple muesli in a food processor, add the baking powder, salt and cinnamon. Don’t mix it too long, I bit of structure is nice for in the pancakes, little chewyness. Then add the banana and egg, mix it in the foodprocessor until you have a nice batter. Get some coconut oil in a pan and bake the pancakes on medium heat. I did 2 tablespoons of batter in the pan for one pancake. You can make 4 thick kale muesli pancakes out of this recipe. See the links below for more information about Meesters van de Halm and the combining track with this recipe. 

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Dikke gezonde groovy pancakes gemaakt met Boerenkool & Appel muesli van @meesters_van_de_halm ! Het is weer vrijdag, bijna weekend en bijna kerst!! Dus ik heb een heerlijke disco track erbij zitten van @purple_disco_machine en remixed by @mousstigram ! Goeie track voor op een feesie 🎉 Het recept van de pancakes staat online! Link in bio! 🕺🏻 ——————————— Thick, healthy groovy pancakes made with Kale & Apple muesli from @meesters_van_de_halm. TGIF and almost christmas, so I have hot disco vibed track for you from @purple_disco_machine and remixed by the great @mousstigram ! Great track for a party!! Recipe is online! 🕺🏻 #foodmelodies #foodexperience #hottrack #meestersvandehalm #pancakes #healthypancakes #dutchfoodie #dutchfoodblogger #musicblogger #traxsource #realhousemusic #kale #boerenkool #sundaypancakes #homemadewithlove #fitfoodies #foodlover #musiclover #purplediscomachine #mousset

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Enjoy ♥ 

Foodmelodies of The Week: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6OSTJaT0oBdOYC78hlw2jH
Meesters van de Halm:
Ekoplaza: https://www.ekoplaza.nl/search/qry=meesters%20van%20de%20halm


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