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New hotspot alert! Mokbar, Korean bistro in Hilversum. They serve traditional Korean dishes with a modern touch. You don’t often see the Korean cuisine in the Netherlands, but this place (recently opened) is great! Traditional dishes like Kimchi, Bibimap, mandu and Bulgogi arrive at your table like tapas. Great concept to introduce the delicious Korean kitchen! 

Mokbar diner met Yukwan van Yukieblog

Recently I went to Mokbar with my friend Yukwan from ( to grab a bite. I never tried Korean food (only a taste of kimchi), so I was very excited! Kindly welcomed by the hostess Juli In or delicious evening started. The restaurant was very beautiful and a modern decor. There was some deep house music playing, which was really nice. Juli told us that she opened this restaurant with her husband Tjong Kuo to introduce western people with the Korean cuisine. She wanted to make Korean food more famous! Mokbar serves a shared dining menu, small dishes which you can share!  Per person you can choose 5 dishes. In the menu (2 persons) you’ll have 10 dishes spread over 3 courses for a great price.  I love that there were 3 courses, otherwise your whole table will be full of dishes at once. This way you can enjoy the food even more.  

Mokbar Foodmelodies

First we started with a spicy kimchi soup with some tofu, vegetables and beef. Kimchi is the most famous Korean dish. It’s made of fermented white cabbage and it’s spicy! After that steamed Mandu (meat pasty) what a delicious sauce. Then something special: Yuk Hoe, that’s Korean beef tartare, with fresh pear, roasted pine nuts and egg yolk. The beef was lovely marinated. Perfect combination of ingredients, and really delicious!

One of my favourite was the Bulgogi (beef with noodle) in a pot with a delicious sauce. You needed to eat the beef in a lettuce leaf, which was really nice because the lettuces gives it a fresh and crunchy bite! And then chinken wings!! They call in spicy chicken, that tasted so amazing! It was crunchy, sweet and a bit spicy, really really loved it! The Gan Jan Saewoo (honey marinated shrimp) was really tasty. Last but definately not least, the Bibimap, perfect dish! A ricepot with variety of vegetables and homemade spicy sauce. DELICIOUS!

I had a great time eating lots of different Korean food at Mokbar. The shared dining is very enjoyable and the amount of food in the menu is perfect! Juli In said that all the sauces are homemade, which you really taste! It’s fresh, tasty and it smells terrific! Below some shots of my succesful evening at Mokbar! 

Mokbar Korean bistro is Korean tapas, with a table full deliciousness!

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