granola crumble

A guilty please recipe with the most delicious granola. This granola crumble is a party to eat, for breakfast or as a dessert! It’s far too easy to make haha! If you want an easy christmas dessert, this is the one. 

I used the ‘crunchy oats banana split’ granola for the crumble, that i’ve received from Meesters van de Halm, which contains banana, chocolate and coconut. Sounds good right! For this recipe you can use other granola off course, but I recommend to add chocolate. That’s a great combination with the sourness of red fruits. 

Ingredients granola crumble (1 person)

100 gr (frozen) red fruits
50 gr crunchy oats banana split [Meesters van de Halm] 

10 gr coconut oil/butter
10 gr flour

Foodmelodies granola crumble
Granola crumble with crunchy oats banana split from Meesters van de Halm
► Steps

Preheat the oven at 200 celcius degrees. Get your frozen fruit out of the freezer. Make your granola crumble by mixing the granola, coconut butter and flour. You can use whatever granola you want. The crunchy banana split is full of dried banana and chocolate chuncks, so I didn’t add a sweetener. You can add sugar, or honey to the red fruits or crumble mix if you like. Set in the oven for 20 minutes. Check the granola crumble after 15 minutes, just in case. Serve with ice cream, yoghurt or just take a scoop. 

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[English below] Maandag ochtend, tijd voor een gezellig deuntje en een heerlijke granola crumble gemaakt van de Crunchy Haver Banana split van @meestersvandehalm. Deze vrolijke track is van @folamour_fhuo, remixed by @austinato. De remix maakt deze track lekker groovy, perfecte combi met de goddelijke crumble. The right music makes the dish more enjoyable! Fijne week allemaal! ✨Recept staat op mijn website, link in bio 🎉 ———————————————————————— Good morning monday, time for a happy track and delicious granola crumble, made with Crunchy Oat Banana Split from @meestersvandehalm. This jolly tune is from @folamour_fhuo and remixed by @austinato. Austin gives this track a HOT disco groove. This is the perfect combo with the delicious crumble dessert. The right music makes the dish more enjoyable 🌟🌟 Have a great week! Oh and recipe is online, LINK IN BIO. #foodmelodies #foodexperience #groovytrack #hottrack #traxsource #realhousemusic #musicblogger #foodblogger #folamour #austinato #housemusic #musiclover #foodlover #granolacrumble #crumble #meestersvandehalm #lekkereten #crunchycrumble #toetje #homemadewithlove #roodfruit #dutchfoodie #dutchfoodblogger #kerstrecepten #kerstdessert #christmasrecipe #christmasdesserts

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Enjoy ♥

Crunchy oats Banana split :,haver,crunchy/havercrunchy-bananasplit/


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