chickpeas-tumeric pancake

Give yourself a break and make a pancake! Lunch, dinner or breakfast a pancake fits in every moment. Boost your energy level with this combination of food and music! This funky track and recipe won’t let you down. This chickpeas tumeric pancake is delicious!! DJ Mes made this real house track, it’s released at@moodfunkrecords ! Grooves in tha house!

Ingredients (2 persons):
250 ml milk
125 gr chickpeas flour
1 egg
1,5 tsp tumeric (powder)
cocos oil/butter

Ingredients spread:
50 gr feta
2 tsp tumeric
salt & pepper

Make sure you mix everything good together, because the chickpeas flour quikly forms clumps. Fry in a pan with some butter. I used cocos butter, it’s not necessary for the flavor. Mash the ingredients from the spread together and finish with the chive. You can add more ingredients on your pancake like, chicken or other grilled vegetables. I kept it very plain. But I think some grilled veggies would be very nice, like bell pepper or zucchini! Especially in combination with the feta. 🙂 


Enjoy! ♥


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