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Shashouka, shakshuka, chashouka, what is it? Well, it is my favourite dish called chakchouka. Originally from Tunesia, but also very popular in North-Africa and Israel. Chakchouka means ‘mixed’. It’s a mixture that consist onions, tomatoes and paprika, but in a chakchouka you can vary with herps, spices and vegetables. That why it’s so fun to make. 

Chakchouka is for me an easy and delicious vegetarian dish. If you skip the eggs, then it is the perfect vegan dish! Full of vegetables and flavor. Everytime I make chakchouka it’s always a tiny different. I use different vegetables, based on what’s left in the fridge. Chakchouka is convenient for emptying the fridge haha! Guaranteed no leftovers, because it’s too good! Well, let’s start with the recipe.

Ingredients (one big pan 3 persons)

500 gr tomato passata
2/3 fresh tomatoes
1 oniongaram masala
1 garlic clove
2/3 other vegetables (paprika, spinach, eggplant)
2 eggs
1 chili pepper *

1 tbs garam massala spices *
1 tbs smoked paprika powder *
you could also add tofu, chickpeas or eat it with flatbread to make the chakchouka a bit more filling.

Vary or add spices if you want. I like some chili to make it more spicy, you can also use ginger I tested and it was great.  I love the warm flavor of the Garam Masala spices mix from Jonnie Boer (picture above). If you don’t have Garam Masala spice mix at home you can use: cumin powder, paprika powder, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, koriander powder, black pepper and cardamom. I always add some smoked paprika powder, that smells so good. For the vegetables in the chakchouka, pick whatever you have at home. It’s all delicious I guess, what ived tried with succes so far: spinach, eggplant, zucchini, paprika, cavolo nero, mushrooms and bimi. I always made the chakchouka vegetarian, but you van add chicken/white fish. The meatlover of my family did love my chakchouka and didn’t miss any meat or chicken, yeahh!

Chakchouka in Costa Rica
Chakchouka when I was travelling in Costa Rica
Steps ►

Chop al the ingredients (onions, garlic, chili, tomatoes and other vegetables). Oil the pan and bake the onions, chili and garlic. Add the spice mix and smoked paprika powder. Then add the tomatoes and other vegetables. Bake for a few minutes with the lit on, stir frequently. Then add the tomatoe passata, let it cook for a minute (this is the moment where I add spinach or chickpeas). Crack 2/3 eggs and put the lit on or put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 celcius degrees. Grill your flatbreads and enjoy! 

Play a funky relaxed track while dining and your evening is great. Maybe with a red wine it would be perfect 😉
Enjoy ♥

Source Garam Malasa Spices:
Restaurant Costa Rica: Pita Bonita, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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