pumpkin masala

Tasty and healthy comfort food from scratch! Bring the taste of the Indian cuisine to your dining table. This recipe is so easy, and you only need good quality of masala spices. You kitchen smells terrific and the taste is massive! When you about to dine, play this track ‘Shine In The Night’ from Freiboitar! Groovy and spicy track, and the perfect fit to combine with this flavorful pumpkin masala dish. The beautiful summerish sounds will let you experience a little bit of India.  Continue reading “pumpkin masala”

No Fairytales tortillawrap

No Fairytales tortillawrap recipe! This tortillawrap is made with beetroot, how cool! My recipe is sweet, spicy, creamy, crunchy and savory. Little acidity from the yoghurt and green paprika gives is some bitterness. Combine this cool recipe with a hot tune! The track is a remix from @jamesdexterdj, of the track ‘Crash Again’ by @atove_music. A sick track, with a hot bassline groove and a hilarious vocal! Awesome release at @roushlabel

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penne brusselsprouts and chorizo

Penne with brusselsprouts and chorizo, never thought this combination would be a winner! I’ve read this recipe in @jamieoliver magazine. Well, I love it. Very quick, simple and different! Off course I combined the two things I love, food & music. Together with this recipe I’ve chosen a lovely remix @studioheist on King Street Sounds ‘Nite grooves”. What a bassline and groove! Love this remix guys. It’s a hot one! Eat, listen and enjoy! Continue reading “penne brusselsprouts and chorizo”

pumpkin-gorgonzola salad

Definately one of my favourite pumpkin recipes this year! A pumpkin salad with a variety of mushrooms, gorgonzola and endive. Also very easy to make! Together with a hot tune from @earnshawmusic on Duffnote Recordings! A fantastic remix! I totally love this jazzy deep house sound. Perfect for during dinner, some candle light, delicious gorgonzola and pumpkin. Great flavors in this dish!  Continue reading “pumpkin-gorgonzola salad”