kale muesli pancakes

Yes, a new great product from @meesters_van_de_halm! I got it as a present on ‘National Kaleday’, luckily I like kale haha! I immediatly jumped into the kitchen and made some killer pancakes. Delicious and green Kale muesli pancakes. They are chewy, fluffy,  kale-ish and not too sweet, great balance. 
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fluffy pancakes

Pancakes are always a good idea, especially in the winter and on sundays. When it’s getting colder, I prefer to have a warm breakfast, like oatmeal. Well, this is a very easy, warm and delicious recipe. These fluffy pancakes are thick, light and more delicious with some great music on the side. Enjoy with the hot and chill remix from The Buried King. 

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Snack healthy with this delicious bananabread recipe! Bananabread is one of the most popular recipes. Thousands of people make it everyday, because it’s so simple! You don’t need fancy mixers, just one bowl to whisk everything to a bananabread batter. When you would normally toss overripe bananas in the trash, you use it for your bananabread. Overripe bananas are extra sweet and soft, which is perfect! The fun is that you can add everything you want to your bananabread batter, like: chocolate, nuts or fruit. Lots of variety possible! 
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